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Monday, 28 January 2013

Sums it all up!

The reason so many creative people feel alone, whether they are in a crowd, married, have many many friends, even at the moment of being applauded or recognized for their work… the alone feeling… is this: in our imagination, in our soul, in our music, in our writing, in our photos… is a world that we see/feel/envision in ourselves. We try to express it, to share it… but we know our skill can never truly, perfectly represent what we hear/see/feel. It’s like a parallel universe overlayed on our real life that we try to pull into existence. We can’t be placated, we can’t be made truly at home… because… our home is somewhere only we can visit. So when the ‘real’ world dominates our time/thinking/efforts… we feel torn away from paradise. That’s why we go off, and spend time alone, visiting the place we truly feel at home. Thanks for understanding and maybe…just maybe you can get a glimpse of where we truly exist in peace.

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