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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

They say you cant buy happiness , so what....does that mean were supposed to steal it instead?

Sometimes I do wonder what goes on in Kanye's mind...

Such a classic photo!


The Noir Ceremony!


My niece lil shoe collection....they are posing!

Not a very good advertisment if your looking to buy weave?????

No way!!!

Boredom can make you do a lot of vain things...

04/06/2011 Soca Night

It was fun, the work out was good, my thighs are as toned as Jada Pinkett's.....*Good times!

4am the night to LFC to get some food!

05/06/11 In the studio with LiKE @soundsLiKEmusik

Conversating, listening, learning,
I met up with producers LiKE on Sunday to have a chat about future projects.
You may have heard me mentioning there names before as they were the ones who produced Joel Culpepper's 'Happy Birthday'Remix.
Only to find out that they are neighbours....literally 20mins from where I am funny is that!
This guys are super talented and I'm excited about working with them