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Monday, 23 May 2011

KAIDI TATHAM LIVE @ jazz re:freshed... 26.05.11

265 Portobello rd
London, United Kingdom

£7 Entry

Click on the link below for more info!
Life is, better
Now that, now that Ive found you

Boredom can make you do a lot of vain things... I've finally started listening to Frank Ocean's tape and......

so far, I am loving this one......

The colours go nice with my Blog too.

The friendship bonded with a bracelet


I met up with Amanda who is working on my styling for my next photo shoot.
We met up at Mr Jerks, Oxford Street and then went browsing around for some clothes.

I am rather excited! 

19/05/11 Daddy's GIG!

At the New Cross Inn
I haven't actually been to one of my dad's gigs in a while, so I decided to go check out one of his gigs last week.
I had such a great time, they went from playing soul to Lovers Rock. I felt like a kid again watching them perform saying 'Wow'

I went away feeling inspired! 

Well, Hello!

blow UP!

This would have to be blown up in my studio....

I absolutely lobe this bedroom....

The Coolest....

1 photo, a 1000 words.....

Velvet smooth...

If you don't know about the'Love is real' tapes
.......just go and get em