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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The presentation is great, but I wouldnt eat it...
I'm not a fan of fruits!

But I was hungry!

The restaurant owner was not happy....I couldn't even close the lid...

And to wash it down.......
 The best drink ever......


Fly Print catches up with Will Kay for an interview
My track sounds sweet in the back......

Midweek Freeness:

Kanye West – Live At Coachella 2011 Mixtape

Click on the link below to download!

Dj M-Rock – The Best of A Tribe Called Quest

Click on the link below to download!

New to me......but loving it!

Sleigh Bells-Rill Rill

Original Creator of Matrix & Terminator Wins $2.5 Billion In Lawsuit

For more info

Vans of the day 42!

Vans Customized

With Hermes Design By Robert Verdi

These slip ons are so comfy, my feet are starting to fall asleep 

Currently reading....

Whats the point in making your bed? your only going to get back in it anyway........

King-The Story

Currently Listening to.....

Häzel – The Lost Tapes
artwork by Mikael Colombu

French based producer Hazel releases his 16 tracks project which is available to buy via
Currently bumping this in the office.....
Fav track so far -Track6-Ninety Eight

MeLo-X: In Studio Performance : Maxwell's Bad Habits Remix (The Highest)

Real Nice!

Now this is why you should go to your bed early....