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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Happy Birthday Tans!

For my God Daughter's birthday, we 25+ kids bowling. It was fun...I was mashed after

Late night Dumplings!

I need to stop making them in the early hours of the morning.....a couple more episodes of these and boy....those tight jeans make just need a slit for me to fit into them!

Have you ever tasted something so!

A friend brought these back from Ghana....
Oh my word.....the taste was enough to remove the top layer of your taste buds!
The thought was nice though lol

Ash bums Leaving BBQ!

hAVE fun flying in the sky ash, going to miss you loads!!!!

 Pineapple top!

The lapping legs!

 Proof that Shareen touched my screen.....trying to dirty it up!

My 99per shades!

25/05/11 Happy Birthday Mr.Pepper!

Tinsle Town Bound

25/05/11 Greenwich Pier.....


London....who would have thought?

 Crashed out at Sandranagams place....