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Sunday, 15 May 2011


Somebody recently posted that I haven't been posting up and recommendations of what to listening to, or what I am currently listening to.
They are right, I haven't been. I really and truly have so much of a back log of listening to EP's, mix tapes, albums........
I think sometimes when working on your own stuff, you can get caught up in your own work....which isn't a bad thing...but it is good to take time out and see what's going on apart from your on stuff!

Give your ears a break....
So this is what I have been listening to... Old and New!

KING “The Story” EP

I came across there EP on Moovmnt blog but never did check it out. It was only when a friend of mine posted one of there tracks 'Supernatural' I was instantly a fan. If you regularly check my Blog, you will see I have already posted 2 tracks from the EP but with only a brief description.
King who consists of 3 women are based in LA and together make great music.
One word to describe there sound
'Dreamland music'
My fav of the ep would have to be 
300 (x repeat)

There Ep is available to download via Itunes