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Thursday, 16 June 2011

"Take Off Your Cool" Outkast and Norah Jones


Young mIke!

Well hello....

Mr West look fResh!

Pretty aMazing....

tHe ColoUrs I sEe......

Jada and Pac....

I just found out that Tupac would have been 40!
He really did die at a young age.

You tell em!

Boredom can make you do a lot of vain things...

A load of samples that I am trying to get rid of....

And thats not all of them either

Gotta love the £ shops

I was able to grab a HDMI lead for £1...bargain or what!?!

11/06/11 LiKE studio session

Working on the remix for 'The Colours I see'
Remix coming soon!

9th-11th June Birthday Fun!

Ok, so I'm I feel different...well not really, just feel like I need to think about my future. No time for fun and games.
I was able to spend time with family and friends on this special occasion...I had a blast!
It was an eventful couple of days :D


 Gaffa Fish Feet

Reaction 1

Reaction 2


 My niece reaching for my cake!

A lil too crossed eyed for ya? :D

 Hold tight Mr Kevin Costner to your right :D

 Club Ember