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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Oooh what you say....

Sometimes it's not what you say that matters, its what you don't say.....

Junior Murvin - Police & Thieves (Summer Vibes)

Love this!
Gots to do me one of this Tribe tees for the summer!

The New Kids on the block

Miss MPC / DIY

I was on the search for a MPC1000 stand, seeing as I want to incorporate playing it in my sets more. I needed find something solid for it to rest on.

Quite a few people recommended the Quik Lok QL-400 stand...I looked at the price and thought....WOAH!!!  £97 for a stand?? It looks nice and has got wheels, but na ah!

I wouldn't feel good parting with that money. So I was doing a little research and came across a stand that someone had built.

I mean it has no wheels but it could work, its just a matter of finding something for it to go on.....Uh *thinking

I see what you don't see.....

18/04/11 Pictures taken by Ric* Diaghe supporting Wretch32 XOYO


And the most fabulous
Kay Young!!!!


Rizzle Kicks