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Thursday, 5 May 2011

CAMDEN CRAWL SHOTS..... 30th-1st May

Such a bumer.....I couldnt make it!!!!
Heard it was a good one though

For more shots, check out

The 5 Experience at Camden Crawl

This May Day Bank Holiday saw music loving revellers head to North London for the annual Camden Crawl festival to check out all the latest up and coming bands, but little did they know that this was not the only thing they would be experiencing there. Down at the Roundhouse, next to the Summer Sundae stage was The Wrigley 5 Experience, a real life version of the recently launched App, The Nightjar, sorting.

Giving you the chance to crawl and feel your way out of The Nightjar, the converted tunnel saw festival goers stranded in total darkness relying solely on their senses and the sounds around them to get them out in one piece. Over 500 of you strapped on protective gear to enter the darkness and undertake the challenge – with a surprise snap of them taken when they least expected it! For more information and to find your photo check out the Facebook 5 Gum UK fan page.

The NightJar, featuring the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch, is a revolutionary 3D audio game, where players have to find their way to safety just by listening. The App takes users on a journey of discovery as they are flung into deepest, darkest space, stuck on a dying, pitch-black spaceship with only their ears to guide them out alive.

The 5 Experience at Camden Crawl was part of the latest campaign for 5 gum, which focuses on delivering sensorial experiences in five distinct areas – gaming, music, film, art and fashion. The NightJar is the first in a series of celebrity backed Apps set o be released over the next year.

The Nightjar is available to download free on iTunes from today. Visit for further details.