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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The ‘change’

You find people tend to cut there hair when they are having some form of difficulty in life. They tend to change there look on the outside to go with a whole new change on the that isn't just a hair cut I see, I'm looking at a change of plan.

There are many reasons as to why women/men cut there hair...the list is endless.
I look forward to hearing the reason behind a cut, the story that lead to such a change.
The reason behind my hair cut was simply down to boredom, I needed a new look, a change....something that would mould into my face.
Being apart of Joel Culpepper's 'I Love Ginger Beer' project, kind of gave me the go ahead to do it.
Because I believed in the project so much, I was willing to cut my hair to show my dedication (drastic, I know) thats just me...I am extra! 
I always wanted to do it, but didn't have the guts to; until one day.....
Now everyone is trying to take credit for my hair cut @jculpeppermusic!

So as my hairdresser took the scissors to my hair..snip snip and my hair fell to the floor...
I felt a huge shift...whatever I was carrying started to lift, I felt completely free!
 (Ladies, you know the feeling when you take off your bra and fling it on the floor...something like that)

And the journey continues...........

It seems like a lot of people are looking for some form of change. So when Hind told me that she wanted to cut her hair, and I'm talking long beautiful hair...I was really interested to hear her story behind such a decision! 

And the journey continues......

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