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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Young video directors on the rise!

Technology’s a double-sided sword. Nowadays it is easier than ever for a young director to get their work seen but of course that means there are more directors and films about too. I guess it having to stand out from the rest of the crowd by taking risks, being creative and going against the norm!
I think the attitude towards new video directors is changing, music video commissioners are keen to use them. I think music video commissioners have an appetite for new directors. It’s a very fashionable industry I think, in that videos that get passed around are doing something new. So new = desirable. New directors often mean cheaper too, fair enough and another reason to desire them!

Check out Daniel Mckenzie-Cossou, a young video director on the rise who recently produced, shot and directed a promo for Dynasty Dance!
This was shot in late November and was completed just before the end of 2010, for the purpose of promoting their dance group in 2011.

Check it out, as I think it is very cool!

For further info Daniel can be contacted at: DZ.MC@LIVE.COM

What I love about new video directors, is that they take risks by breaking rules by giving there interpretation of what they visualize which is so cool! Sometimes you just have to say "STUFF IT"  I'm not following the book, I'm just going to create what I see!

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