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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Grain Surfboards -- Part 1 of

Hi Shredability’s Jake Burghart gets in the van with Mikey Detemple and Hi Shred veterans Scotty Stopnik, and Kassia Meador to travel up the coast to Southern Maine, as Mikey shoots his second film, Sight/Sound.

The dudes at Grain Surfboards invited Mikey to bring some people up and handcraft some wooden surfboards. It was supposed to be a tidy little scene in Mikey’s new movie, but no one realized just how hard and time-consuming building a wooden surfboard would be, especially when the distractions of fresh lobster, curious farm animals and perfect waves were added to the mix.

See the rest at VBS.TV: Grain Surfboards -- Part 1 of 2 - HI Shredability | VBS.TV

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