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Monday, 22 November 2010

Weekend re-cap

I had quite an interesting weekend. I received a text early hours of Saturday morning saying I have two secret V.I.P tickets to go to the DefJam Rapstar game launch-Ok, how strange!
The thing is, the event started at 10:30am in the morning, I repeat 10:30am-Could this possibly be a setup? 
Anyway, I decided to go and bring Chaz with me-you know just in case.
Ok, so we got to the venue and they were running behind schedule like always.
It was around 12pm before they opened the doors, as I said I didn't know what to expect.
Got inside now and thought "What the hell" there was about 20 of us in the venue, it was actually quite funny.
Bad promotion or what, well one thing clear is, it was a secret alright as the place was empty.
They offered us the chance to play the game, I was like no no no!
But there was a cute kid who decided to have ago and after that, you couldn't get him off.
The games looks fun if you were to play it with a bunch of people at your house.

We decided to bounce as it was long to stick around and eat crisp all morning!
Check out the freebies we got :)
A mad ting lol!


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