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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Check out Naomi Clarissa's Review on my 'Third Party' Mixtape

After strongly making the statement that there were no other female MCs really doing something for the UK music scene in an article I wrote at the beginning of the year, I was too excited to hear what Kay Young had to offer when I got my hands on her latest mixtape entitled ‘Third Party.‘ I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I can tell you I knew I wouldn’t be and definitely wasn’t disappointed.
Kay brings something so refreshing to the scene. Here is a young woman expressing her thoughts with such flow and style (I would say ’swagger’ but the word just annoys me.) Kay knows her style and appears confidently sure of herself as an artist which is something definitely lacking in many artists these days, including those with chart successes (mentioning no names, I’ll leave that for another blog.)
The mixtape opens with a smooth jazz-influenced beat just to create a mood and follows with ‘On My Grown,’ a statement track which perfectly introduces Kay to her listener, and one which I’m sure many young females will relate to.
Tracks like ‘I is Here/Old First‘ and ‘Kicking It‘ showcase the way in which this lady can ride a beat, and I’m telling you, there is no way you can sit still listening to the rhythm she creates as she flows over these tracks
Her style is insane, true UK hiphop at it’s finest. And she is definitely not afraid to get creative with her sound with tracks like ‘Dough‘ and ‘Count Sheep.’ You’ll hear a range of musical influences from grime to neo-soul which she cleverly fuses together to create the Kay Young sound, and did I mention this was produced in just 14 days.
Lyrically, she’s so relevant and the productions are musically on point with artistically layered vocals bringing the mixtape to a higher level of production, which makes it such a great listen.
Kay is definitely holding it up for the female artists and has come strong with a mixtape that will give you food for thought as well as get your head banging, and in case I somehow forgot to mention, she produced this mixtape in 14 days just as a little challenge to herself. Insane!
So boom, if you still haven’t heard any of Kay Young’s music you need to download the mixtape at the link below and give it a listen now:
Tracks to listen for:
On My Grown
I is here/Old first
Kicking It

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