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Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Just got this new track from DJ/Producer Last Japan. Hailing from London, Last Japan has recruited producer Crispin J Glover and female MC Kay Young to produce a stellar beat. This guy has serious credit too. He has done remixes for some of the top artists in the electro scene such as LaidBack Luke, Diplo, Mumdance, Brodinski, Crystal Fighters, on the labels Kitsune, Southern Fried, and Warner Bros.-- a very impressive list indeed. Now to the songThe break-beat style track is huge. The drums are large and full and the bassline drips in electro goodness for all of the 4+ minute song. Also Miss Kay Young has a great tone to her voice. Similar to Lady Soverign, this girl can spit some dope rhymes that sound great. My favorite part though is the hook/chorus -- in this regard Last Japan has nailed it. Although all she says is "tonight the DJ saved my life," the way she says it along with the beat is so catchy that I find myself repeating it at odd times of the dayDef pick this one up and spin it the next time your out -- People will dance I promise
Click on the link below to have a listen!

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DiVeRsE(TFB) said...

The Lady Soveriegn comparison.....Nahhhh...BUT.."This IS DEFO yet ANOTHER 1 O YR BEATZ(OR YR WORX),THAT HAS LARGE COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL THOUGH"...."BIG TIME!"..."Ya heard!"..."Remember i told ya!"