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Friday, 9 January 2009

Why I do this!

Words of encouregment


"Girl I just listened to your whole mixtape. Got about 2 minutes left, anyway. I'm on "Wouldn't Trade You For The World" gosh, that was like the best mixtape I done heard. I enjoyed the interviews more than anything, and Superjay just totally wrecked that beat. You really got skills, especially being a producer as well. You truely are blessed. I can't wait for Kay Young EP, the mixtape and your album. You had me wanting to hear the full version of the songs and everything. Which I really do NEED to hear now that I mention it. You definitely got yourself a new fan right here. See usually I don't even be listening to the new artists and stuff but I took a chance with you and I'm glad I did. You got good concepts, hot beats and catchy hooks. Your music is perfect. Can't wait to hear more."

I replied

"I mos def appreciate your kind words, and it's such a good feeling when someone feels your music. It just inspires me to create good music.I will try and get it to you in mp3 format if you like.But yeah...I'm glad you enjoyed it.Speak soon and let me know about the mp3 format.PeaCe!Kay Young"

Listener replied

"One things fa sho, and two things fa have got talent!! I mean, I haven't enjoyed listening to a CD like that in a very long time. Your music is so different from what I'm used to. Your one of a kind. I'm definitely gonna keep up with your work. You're actually saying something in your lyrics and your concepts are so interesting. You were right, a lot of people can relate to the things your talking about and that makes people enjoy the music even more. And as far as the mp3 format goes....don't even sweat it. I'm sure you got betta things to do then worry bout that, and as long as I can enjoy it on my iPod, which I am, I'm satisfied. You truely are, UK's hardest artist."

I replied

": ) man thank you foreal!and don’t worry, ima get that mp3 format to you."

Listener then replied

"Anything for my new favorite artist. I'm actually bout to listen to it again and put it on repeat. I can already tell just by that CD, that your upcoming projects are gonna be even better, and I know that because its gonna be full songs. See, The Introduction was just a sample of what you can do, but once I hear the album I know I'ma be in love with it. I mean, I'm still wildin out over how good that cd was. Best 30 minutes of 2009 as of now lol. I mean that though. And u know what I really be trippin on? The fact that you producing a lot of these tracks that you doing. I mean, you mentioned you're a fan of Kanye, and when I think of you I think to myself, Kay Young is the Kanye West of the UK but even better. So much talent. So, so much talent."

So yeah, there you go. Its words like this which does inspire to continue making good music. I know that I said that my blog was going to be about me behind the Music but what the hell.................Music is a big part of my life and to not talk about it is like not being able to breathe.
I'm a big Kanye fan and to be compared to him is like wow!! Because he is great at what he does and I want to get to his level of greatness.

So thank you much and much appreciated.


Kay Young

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